24 hours online training in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Action Methods in the Work with Groups of Adolescents

21.10.2021 - 09.12.2021 ONLINE

For whom -This online experiential & didactic training seminar is directed to experts who work pedagogically or therapeutically with adolescents.

Adolescence is a phase with profound neuro-hormonal, psychological and sociocultural changes. From a development-psychological point of view, this means that particularly in this age the work in groups represents an important therapy and intervention form, thus being very different from the work with children or adults in groups. The adolescence is sociologically speaking the time of transition from the family to the cultural space of the society. The peer group allows and helps as a “secondary group” or an “agent for inculturalisation" this transition.

To conduct and accompany professionally educational or therapeutic processes in groups of young people, it is essential to know the complexities of developmental psychology, attachment theory, and group dynamics to adequately and effectively perform interventions.

Here, the Psychodrama, in particular the Sociometry and the Sociodrama offer a wide range of possibilities for interventions, which enrich the educational and therapeutic work with groups.

We offer you to experience the playful possibilities of psychodrama in working with adolescents and learn how to support personal growth and how to moderate processes and topics in groups of adolescents.

Duration: The 8 sessions of 3 training hours (50 min.) will be based on theoretical inputs, self-experience, learning by doing and supervision work.

When - Starting: 21.10.2021, 8 consecutive Thursdays, one session weekly

Time 18-20.30 Central European Summer time, CEST 

Topics of the sessions:

  • Session 1 : “Forming” . Specific developmental aspects of the phase of adolescents
  • Session 2: the concept of psychodramatic sociometry
  • Session 3 : “Storming” . Attachment and social competences
  • Session 4: the individual in the group
  • Session 5: “Norming” . Group dynamics and self-regulation in a group
  • Session 6: shaping rules and values
  • Session 7 : “Performing” . Psychodrama and Sociodrama on stage
  • Session 8: Psychodramatic supervision. Cases from participants.

Language: English

(*for each 22 applicants with an interpreter, we could offer special workshops in their language)

You will gain personal and professional experience and receive a certificate for 24 training hours

Participation fee:

High-income economies – 200 €
Upper-middle-income economies - 160 €
Lower-middle income economies - 120 €
Low-income economies- 80 €

The maximum of participants is 22, previous psychodrama experience is an advantage but not necessary. 

The registered participants will receive a link one day before the workshop.

The workshops are unique to those who attend and WILL NOT BE RECORDED!


We will contact you on the provided email to confirm if you could be enrolled in the group. After our confirmation, you have to pay in order to guarantee your place. If you have no reply from us within 2 days, please, contact us via email to check if your application was received!"